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Set Of Plate Weirs, Four Types Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in Ambala

Set Of Plate Weirs, Four Types

Product Code : EL-EFFCA-11068
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4 sharp-crested weirs for the experimental flume.
Rectangular weir with optional aeration as sharp-crested weir
Thomson weir, Cipoletti weir and Rehbock weir as measuring weirs
Identical weir height for all weirs
Holder for measuring weir to be studied
Holder and rectangular weir both with lateral sealing lips
Weir plates made of stainless steel
Holder and rectangular weir made of PVC

Description :-
Sharp-crested weirs are control structures causing a defined backwater. 
Additionally, they are often used to determine the discharge of an open channel.
Contains four different plate weirs as sharp-crested weirs. 
The fundamentals of flow over sharp-crested weirs are demonstrated with the rectangular weir with optional aeration. 
The other weirs are typical measuring weirs with defined openings: the opening of the Thomson weir is triangular, the opening of the Rehbock weir is rectangular and for the Cipoletti weir, it’s trapezoidal.

Thomson weir
Triangular weir opening
Rehbock weir
Rectangular weir opening
Dimension LxWxH : 150x86x270 mm (rectangular weir)
Cipoletti weir
Trapezoidal weir opening
Crump weir
Upstream and Downstream section

Crump weir for the experimental flume
Weir body contour according to E. S. Crump
Weir body with sealing lips


Weir body made of PVC

Inclination (upstream)



Inclination (downstream)



Dimension LxWxH


420x84x60 mm

Total weight


approx. 2kg



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