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Laboratory Equipments Ambala, Physical models representing molecular architectures of chemical compounds play essential roles in understanding chemistry. The use of molecular models makes it easier to visualize the structures and shapes of atoms and molecules. Molecular Model Manufacturers, Molecular Model Suppliers, Molecular Model Exporters, Molecular Model Manufacturers in India.

Biological Sciences Molecular Model Set

Product Code : EL-MM-10998

Laboratory Equipments Ambala set contains a total of 34 atoms and comes with both standard open and compact

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“Proton” And “Neutron” Demonstration

Product Code : EL-MM-10999

The stabilizing effect of the “neutrons” is illustrated by placing them between the “protons”

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Basic Structures Set

Product Code : EL-MM-11000

Laboratory Equipments Ambala For structures of sulphur, diamond and graphite, metals, acids and bases

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Magnetic Sodium Chloride Molecule Kits

Product Code : EL-MM-11001

The 4 x 4 x 4 Lattice contains 64 ions (32 Sodium and 32 Chlorine) and the 3 x 3 x 3 Lattice contains 27 ions

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Magnetic Water Molecule Kits

Product Code : EL-MM-11002

Features include: 2 Magnets in oxygen atom, so students can make ice; Permanently embedded magnets

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Molymod Vibrating Atoms Model

Product Code : EL-MM-11003

If the model is held at arm’s length (easier on a firm board) and shaken lightly

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Density Cube Set

Product Code : EL-MM-11004

Laboratory Equipments Ambala Set includes brass, iron, copper, aluminium, hardwood (beech), softwood (pine), nylon, PVC and acrylic.

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Atomic Orbital Set

Product Code : EL-MM-11005

Pink and purple coloured pear shaped lobes represent the two wave phases, positive and negative of the p and d atomic orbitals.

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Equal Mass Metal Cylinders Set

Product Code : EL-MM-11006

Laboratory Equipments Ambala Comprises six 100 g, 16 mm diameter cylinders of brass, lead

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Organic and Inorganic Set - Student

Product Code : EL-MM-11007

Laboratory Equipments Ambala Consisting of: Spheres: 6 Carbon, 7 Oxygen, 3 Nitrogen

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Shapes of Molecules Set

Product Code : EL-MM-11008

The different shapes are examples of the orientations of the bonds and cover coordination numbers 1 to 6.

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Biochemistry Set - Student

Product Code : EL-MM-11009

Laboratory Equipments Ambala Consisting of: Spheres: 21 Carbon, 13 Oxygen, 25 Hydrogen

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Carbon Nanotubes

Product Code : EL-MM-11010

Laboratory Equipments Ambala Study the unique molecular structure of carbon nanotubes.

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Mole Set

Product Code : EL-MM-11011

The set contains four element specimens: copper, iron, zinc and aluminium

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