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Infusion Giving Set, W/Burette, Sterile Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in Ambala

Infusion Giving Set, W/Burette, Sterile

Product Code : EL-I-10882
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General Description:-
Infusion giving set, with burette, sterile, single use

Technical Specifications:-
Sterile IV giving set with graduated chamber (burette) enabling precise volume and slow administration of infusion or injectable medicine.
Tube: plastic (PVC: polyvinyl chloride). Transparent (allowing the detection of air bubbles). Resistant to kinking.
Length is approximately 150cm (overall IV giving set length approximately 170cm). Internal / external diameter is approximately 3mm / 4mm.

Plastic Perforator: plastic (polyacetate).
Hollow device located at the proximal end of the infusion set allowing it to be connected to the infusion bottle or bag. Laboratory Equipments Ambala Composed of a tapering tube mounted on a base ensuring a good seal between the set and the infusion bottle or bag.
Fitted with a protecting cap.
Located under the graduated chamber. Calibrated 60 drops/ml. Fitted with a 15µ polyamide filter.
Flow regulator: plastic (ABS: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).
Ensures the flow regularity during the IV administration.
Injection portal: plastic (ABS: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)+ synthetic rubber.
Allows introducing precise volume of injectable medicines into the infusion flow.
Terminal connection (stopper): plastic (ABS: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).
Air inlet: plastic (ABS: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
Laboratory Equipments Ambala Incorporated into the perforator. Fitted with an air filter (bacteriological filter).
Graduated chamber (burette): plastic (PS: polystyrene).
Transparent. Capacity: approximately 100-150ml. Graduations every ml. Connected to the perforator by a tube (approximatey 15cm).
Security gauge:
Automatic shut off valve, to stop the infusion as soon as the pre-set volume has flown away in order to prevent air entering the drop-counting chamber and/or the tube.
Drop-counting chamber:
With Luer lock connector.
Single use.

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