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Infusion Giving Set, Sterile

Product Code : EL-I-10883

Device components:-
Perforator: Sharp piercing device with protective cap.
Air inlet: With integrated bacteriological filter.
Drop counting chamber: Laboratory Equipments Ambala Transparent drip chamber, calibrated at 20 drops/ml, with 15-20μm fluid filter.
Tubing: Transparent tubing, minimum length 150cm, with injection site latex or latex-free (or Y-injection port), with distal connector preferably Luer Lock connector.
Precision flow regulator: Smooth roller clamp to facilitate easy, safe control and adjustment of fluid rates.

General Description: :-
Infusion giving set, sterile, single use

Technical Specifications:-
Laboratory Equipments Ambala Sterile single use device used for parenteral administration of infusions (IV fluids) by gravity.

Single use

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